Milestone Welsh Springer Spaniels

Milestone American League Champ

Billy Chapel, now Francis

Hips: Excellent
Elbows: Normal
Thyroid: Normal, vet tested, not posted to OFA.

Born: July 19, 2011

Francis is a very rare Welshie. He is nearly all white - his only red spot is on his right eyelid, though he does have some lovely freckling. He is also deaf. 

He lives with a family who had two long lived Welshies and who happened to meet John walking Lily (from the Tree Litter) in a Toronto park. John mentioned to them that I had bred Lily, so when they were ready to add a puppy to their household they contacted me. They also adopted an adult female Welshie, Kea, to be Francis' household companion. 

 Life for Francis has been blessed from the moment he was born. He is a very fortunate Welshie.  His family named him after Saint Francis De Sales, Patron of the deaf and hearing impaired.

Oct 11, 2011

Hi Cathy:

Things are going well. Francis is now 18 pounds and growing.

In the park where I take the dogs for a walk there is an area that is quite safe, away from cars with natural barriers around it, and I have started to see if he would follow me without the leash.

I started by letting him walk with me and have the leash on the ground (easier to catch :) ) and progressed to the point where there is an area where he walks on his own (with Kea of course).

So far he is doing great: if he gets a bit ahead of me he stops and looks around until he finds me, then he sits and waits for me to catch up. I have not taught him this he does it on its own. Sometimes he chases Kea but if I call her she brings him to me in tow and if she goes a bit too far he stops and looks for me.

Francis loves to swim (crazy dog): the first thing he did the minute I freed him was to jump in the creek and swim around. Basically I have not been able to keep him from having a swim: if he is on the leash he tries to drag me in too! The creek is not very deep (Kea just walks around in it), but it is deep enough in areas so that he has to swim. He will be disappointed once he grows a little taller.

We are now set up so on Thursday's Kea, Francis and I go see the dog trainer: his walking on a leash is improving (thank goodness).

Francis is the talk of the town (the postwoman came to meet him): everyone loves him and finds him adorable. He has traveled to Oakville and met my mom, her cat, my sisters, their children and their husbands. He has inspected Alex's residence in Sudbury and he comes to pick up my daughter from college every Tuesday. Except for going to work with me he has pretty much done whatever the family is doing.

He has eaten a piece of my husband's Ethernet cable, the string off my mom's slippers and the laptop charger cord. He sleeps the first 1/2 of the night in the crate and the second 1/2 in bed with us. He has had 4 or 5 accidents in total so it looks like he is getting the toilette training idea. Today he barked to be let out.

All in all a great puppy and already a much treasured member of the family!