Milestone Welsh Springer Spaniels

Milestone Home Run

Roy Hobbs, now Digby

Hips: Good
Elbows: Normal
Thyroid: Normal

Born: July 19, 2011

Digby is owned by Jordan & Jared who live in Boulder CO. He is their first puppy and they are having a lot of fun with him. He has such an unflappable personality, as do so many of the Milestone puppies, and has a good time wherever he goes. His owners jumped right into training and have some fun videos of Digby doing all sorts of activities. He loves agility, nosework, obedience, and has even done Treibball & Freestyle.

Digby having fun with the box slide

Digby - 9 weeks old

Gait obstacles - 15 weeks old

practicing his new obedience skills

Last day of the Rally Intro class.  8 months old

Digby having fun with his nose at Beginning Nosework class.

Digby & Colt after an hour of playing. June 2012

Jared & Digby showing their skills in Agility.  July 2014


Hi Cathy!

We're so excited that Digby is almost a year old-- it's amazing how quickly it went by! A neighbor just got a puppy so Jordan and I have been reminiscing about those first couple weeks with Digby.

Digby is living the life here in Colorado. He goes for a hike in the hills several times a week, and plays with his many friends in the dog park several times a day. We've had to keep the hikes pretty short since its 90+ degrees right now, but I can't wait until it cools down in the fall and we can go for longer hikes. Everyone comments about how playful and awesome Digby is. Someone the other day just said, "Digby is the most happy dog I've ever seen." We're also looking into starting training/agility classes nearby. Now that we're settled here, we really miss going to training/rally classes, and we can tell that Digby does too.

We just took him to get a haircut today. Some of the attached pictures are from today after the groomer. We didn't try Tina Secord this time, but we're definitely looking into her for next time. When we got home we tried to take a stacked picture of him, but I don't know how well it turned out.

Hope you're doing well (and Apple too!). We enjoy following her progress.

- Jared


Hi Cathy!

Moving to Boulder brings so much fun news! The 3 day drive out here went well with Digby. He slept most of the time (thanks to the Dramamine), and we did manage to find the most amazing dog park outside Kansas City where he could run in the woods and along some trails. We setup his crate in the hotel room and he handled it just like it was home. He's had to make some adjustments for the new apartment, like getting used to a wood floor on bottom level. We enjoy Digby sleeping in the same room as us, but since he's so noisy in his crate at night he's just been sleeping on his dog bed in our room. Actually, he spends most of the night sleeping under the bed! He's about 42 pounds now.

The dog park in the backyard has been amazing and, as usual, he now has tons of friends. I got a video of Digby and Colt after an hour long play session-- they're just soaking up the sun. The one downside to the dog park is that he now knows the sound of the gate and anytime someone goes into the park he whines like crazy. Needless to say, we're working to stop that habit. Several mornings a week Digby accompanies me on a hike or jog (more of a fast walk for him) to wear him out for the day. We're keeping the hikes under an hour until he's a little older. He's so outgoing that we have to do some special training on the trails so that he won't try to play with every other hiker and dog on the trail. He thinks its his divine right to play with everyone! We had a breakthrough this week though-- we went about 30 minutes off leash and he heeled right next to me the whole time (with the help of a hot dog). On the weekends, we go to a nearby dog park with a small pond. Digby absolutely loves the water now! He runs straight to it and just fetches other dogs' balls until there aren't anymore in the pond... then he just swims around on his own. We met another Welshie from Europe on our first visit to the park, and he lives in the same apartments as us! It's fun to see them play together.

- Jared

Oct 9, 2011

Hi Cathy,

Digby is doing very well. He grows leaps and bounds every day! We haven't been to the vet in 2 weeks so we don't know exactly how much he weighs, but he must be 15 pounds by now (was 10 pounds @ 8.5 weeks)-- we're really getting our exercise carrying him up and down the stairs. Occasionally he likes to do it himself, and he has almost perfected going down them! He especially likes to stretch out with his back paws on the top step and his front paws down one step-- he looks so cute! We'll have to get a picture sometime. We think housetraining is getting better-- there are fewer accidents than before. We had our second puppy kindergarten class today. It went quite well-- Digby remains the star of the class with his outgoing, playful nature and basic command knowledge. We've been working on various commands with him: sit, down, place, leave it, come. Attached is a video we just took of how well he's learning.  After class we had a play date with and American Eskimo Dog and it was amazing! We went to a nearby tennis court and they played very well together-- Digby was very gentle with his 6 pound playmate. We still haven't taken him to dog day care yet though-- we're worried that he's still a little too small. We'll probably take him for short visit next week to get him used to the concept a little. We'll have to see how that goes.

Socialization continues to go well. We meet new neighbors and dogs almost every day, and have taken him various places with us. Digby must not be good representation for the "shy welshie" trait because he loves everything and everyone, and almost never hesitates or turn away. He's doing very well in the car too. He usually whines for just a few seconds (sometimes not at all) and then lies down for the duration of the trip. The other day we were at a baseball field playing in the outfield and Digby heard a marching band for the first time. The drums were very loud and frightened Digby a lot. We didn't want to comfort him so we just offered treats, but he wanted no part of the treats. He wasn't on a leash at the time, and ran full speed for the outfield fence desperately trying to escape. We went to him, picked him up, and went straight to the car. We didn't console him when we picked him up, just carried him. Do you have any suggestions on how we should recover from this?

Our current plan is to slowly expose him to that same drumming (home football games usually happen every weekend and we can hear it from our apartment). We'll start by parking at a distance and treating him superfluously. Slowly, over days, we plan to make our way closer and closer to the drums. Hopefully in a few weeks we'll be able to stand outside the gates as the band marches in.

His eating is only so-so. It's hard to tell exactly because we give him treats too, but we don't think he's quite eating the 2.25 cups a day that he should be. Each meal is a drawn out feeding process of him eating one or two kibbles at a time, and rarely ever eating the 3/4 cup we put out. Sometimes when he won't eat out of the bowl we spill a few kibbles onto the ground and then he eats them, so we're not sure why that is. We're going to get a food dispensing toy for his meals and see if that will help at all.

We've also been walking him around the neighborhood a couple times a day. We've been trying to instill good walking habits (no leash pulling, etc.), but he's being a slow learner on that front. We notice things getting slightly better though, so I'm sure its only a matter of time before he'll be walking right beside us.

What else? Night time has been amazing in the past week or so. We usually take our last potty break at 10:30 and then he's in the crate for the night until 7ish. He's made it though almost every night and doesn't bark at all anymore-- hooray for peaceful nights of sleep!

I don't have time right now to dig through the pictures and send the best ones, so you'll have to wait in suspense for a few days until we can get around to that. We hope you're feeling better now and wish you the best of luck in your recovery. Can't wait to see the updates on the website!!!

- Jared

July 16, 2014

Hi Cathy,

We can't believe Digby is about to be 3 years old-- its crazy. We talk about our plane ride home with him and our first few days with him all the time. He still hasn't lost his inner puppy, that's for sure. Everyone we meet always asks if he's still a puppy because he's so excited and happy to see them. We have no health problems to report.

For the last 5 months I've been taking Digby to Agility class every week. Below is a video illustrating our progress. I'm hopeful to get our feet wet in some local trials sometime in the fall, but we'll see. Attached are some recent pictures of the most beautiful dog in the world :-)

Oh yea, Jordan & I got married 2 weeks ago and just got back from our honeymoon in Hawaii. We missed Digby so much, but the family he stays with is amazing and love it when he visits. We even think he was depressed to come back home.

Hope you and your family and the dogs are doing well!

- ~Digby, Jared & Jordan

26 Jul 2015

Hi Cathy,

Thank you for the birthday wishes! For his birthday this year, Digby went swimming at the pond in our local dog park and then went to a burger joint for their special doggy ice cream. I'll forward a video of him enjoying his treat in a separate email.

This summer, Digby has become an avid swimmer. In the past summers, it took some serious coaxing to get him to go in the water, but now, he just jumps right in. He's especially fond of retrieving items from the water. He's very focused - he does not look at you right before you throw, but instead will look out at the water so he can track where it lands.

His next favorite activity is to go to the dog parks, but not for the dogs. Oh no, he uses park visits as an opportunity to get attention from as many people as possible. He insists on greeting everyone and will not leave their sides and wags his tail furiously until they have bent down and pet him. He's quite the ham.

Hope you and your family (including the dogs!!) are doing well!


- Jordan & Jared & Digby