Milestone Welsh Springer Spaniels

Milestone Appleton Rum Runner

Gala, now Cinnamon

Hips: Good
Elbows: Normal
Thyroid: Normal
Eyes: Normal

Born: August 10, 2012
Sire: CH Trystyn's Tazered - Lincoln
Dam: CH Milestone Crimson Beauty - Apple

Cinnamon lives further north than any Milestone dogs - in Timmins Ontario. She did well in her obedience classes. She 'helps out' at the family's flower shop with Christine, and occasionally rides in the lumber truck to keep Tony company, and at home she has to be right in the middle of whatever remodeling is happening. Tony has started hunting with her and she is doing great.

March 2014

Hi Cathy,

Here's an update on Cinnamon.
Well, as you can see from the photos, she's a pampered puppy.  She has her own bench in the sun in front of the living room window, cuddles with her toys & Patrick has trained her to jump through a hula hoop.
Attached is also a copy of the papers to show that she was spayed.  The surgery went very well. The doctor is very pleased with her.
She bounced back way too quickly, I think only a few days.  Dr Butterworth is very impressed with her demeanor & is always pleased to see her.  She's his only Welshie & he thinks she beautiful.

Cinnamon had a wonderful hunting season.  She fetches & retrieves birds & is not gun shy.....loves the bush & loves to run along side the 4 wheelers. She only sits in the basket when she needs to rest.
Also during the summer, Cinnamon learned how to swim & now we have trouble getting her OUT of the water. She's chasing the loons who tease her then duck underwater when she gets too close.

Unfortunately, she's been a bit house bound this winter with the extreme cold weather, & her little booties didn't work out too well.
At -35 to -45, it's just too cold to let her play outside. Even her snow parka wouldn't help with that weather.  The days are getting milder & today she was "snowboarding" with Patrick down the hills at the local high school....loved it.

Have a great day

- The Portelance's

July 23, 2014

Cinnamon had a day at the puppy spa today. Here are some photos that the groomer took.
All is well. Cinnamon has taken to swimming & actually dives under water. She loves to hunt & take 4 wheeler rides.

- Christine

March 2013

Hello Cathy,

Cinnamon is doing well.
We have her trained to ring the bell when she needs to go out. Still
doesn't bark in the house(only when she plays)
Our last obedience class is next Monday. She's the most attentive one
there. We're sure she'll pass with flying colours.
She loves going for walks in the bush, digging her nose in the snow &
tracking. Showing to be a good partner for hunting birds.
She spots them and tracks their direction. Even at the flower shop, the
pigeons & crows aren't safe! LOL
Sending a few photos. As you can see in a few shots, she needs to be in the
center of the construction zone. Even slept through us installing the
She is a versatile puppy. Sometimes going to work at the flower shop, or in
the truck with Tony.
When she needs a break from us, she stays with "Grams" next door & plays
with Misty.
Her temperament is still very docile. Very friendly & obedient with our
commands. We had Christine's family of 22 over for the
christening of our new kitchen & she was wonderful. No one had any bad
comments about her behavoiur, Chris's mom was even impressed with her
calmness around so many people.
She hasn't had her first heat yet.
Everything is going fine. we will let you know when she gets her first heat.


- Christine & Tony


Hello Cathy

 Cinnamon is just fine , happy healthy living a very busy family life . She had an amazing summer camping, spending lots of time at the family cottage swimming and playing with her friends and family . She also had lots of atv rides and a wonderful day fishing with me and the boys. Now she is gearing up for a very active hunting season . Cinnamon is living a wonderful life - one I wish I had. You have nothing to worry about with Cinnamon she is living a dog's dream life .

- Tony