Milestone Welsh Springer Spaniels

Milestone Apple's Dumpling CGC

Ida Red, now Joy

Hips: Good
Elbows: Normal
Thyroid: Normal
Eyes: Normal

Born: August 10, 2012
Sire: CH Trystyn's Tazered - Lincoln
Dam: CH Milestone Crimson Beauty - Apple

Joy lives with Diane & Mike & Ollie (Milestone Liberty On Parade CGC) in OH. She has started out strong in obedience, qualifying as an AKC S.T.A.R. puppy after only 3 classes. Diane loves dog training and had prepared Joy well for her first classes. She and Joy finished puppy obedience classes, got her Canine Good Citizen title, and are beginning agility.  Diane and Mike are also training her to be a therapy dog.

Ollie & Joy doing their best to be noisy.

Aug 19, 2014

Hi Cathy!

Since Joy is now two years old she wanted me to let her update you on her life with us :-)

Dearest Cathy-mom,

I am so happy here, well most of the time, sometimes Uncle Ollie tries to boss me around! I put him in his place though because mom and dad says I'm the princess...I don't really know what that means, but I think it's something good because they laugh when they tell Ollie that! I play everyday and get lots of good food, not to much food makes dad weigh me once a week so I don't loose my girlish figure! When mom and dad are home on the weekends we go on adventures to new places, sometimes I like the people I meet and sometimes I don't.

Mom takes me to classes at a fun place where I get lots of treats when I listen and do what I'm asked. It's fun to learn new things. I've learned to smile pretty for pictures! Mom said she'll send some to you so you can see how pretty I am.

We're all going on vacation to the beach soon and that should be lots of fun too.

Love to my mommy Apple too!!


So that's an update from Joy, of course for us her name so suits who she is. Our Joy! Ollie is a great Uncle and makes sure she's ok and well behaved. Joy will tattle on him if he steals anything. I know by the way she barks at him that he is doing something he shouldn't. Joy has never once taken anything that isn't hers! One of her favorite things to do is drink water out of the bathtub. When we go up to get a shower she sits and waits for us to turn on the cold water for her so she can have a drink! They both supply us with lots of laughter, love and exercise. Thank you again for our two sweet "kids."

- Diane & Mike, of course Ollie as well!

21 Aug 2015

Hi Cathy!

I'm finally sitting down and writing to you about our Miss Joy! I'm sorry it's taken so long, my only reason is the time I'm spending to get ready for the CPDT test Sept 12!

From Mike and I:

Joy, for us, has been sweet, shy, and bold all at the same time. One of her most endearing qualities is her "mothering" Ollie! Ollie has been, and most likely always will be, a thief, but we have Joy who feels that it's her job to tell on him when he's taken something she doesn't feel he should have. If she sees it before he does she will lay on whatever it is and he will not try to take it from her! When they have rawhide time in the evening, Joy says when it's time to put them away. Joy is still shy around children and we are conditioning her for the Therapy Dog registration, but the most important part for us is that she's comfortable and enjoys what she does. So far she is a work in progress. Not all dogs are meant to be therapy dogs and that doesn't detract from the love that we feel for her.

From Joy:

Hi Mom Cathy, Jack and Mommy Apple,

I love my life and have fun everyday. I take my job of watching Ollie seriously and let Mom and Dad know when he's being a bad boy. We play outside everyday with Mom and Dad and chase balls a lot of the time. Children scare me, they always want to pet me, but I'm still not sure of the short ones. I'll let them pet me if they wait and talk to me first, so Mom and Dad ask them to give me a little space before coming over to me. My very favorite thing is to have my belly rubbed! and next would be doing tricks for treats. Thank you for a great life.

Love and Wiggles,


So that's our update for now. We're going back to the Outer Banks, NC the end of September then on to Gettysburg, PA. Both places are dog friendly and relaxing for us all. Take care and enjoy what's left of this beautiful summer. Thank you again, and again for our two lovely Welshies.

- Diane, Mike, Ollie, and Joy