Milestone Welsh Springer Spaniels

Milestone Apple Cider

Jonathan, now Riley

Hips: Fair
Elbows: Normal
Thyroid: Normal
Eyes: Normal

Born: August 10, 2012
Sire: CH Trystyn's Tazered - Lincoln
Dam: CH Milestone Crimson Beauty - Apple

Riley lives about an hour from us here in Michigan. He did well in his classes, and is a sweet, affectionate puppy. He loves for John & Dianna to throw the frisbee for him. They say he is a joy to be around and that he understands everything they say. He learned to swim in the lake at their cabin and loves the water.

Sep 2013

Riley is doing great, he adjusted to swimming very quickly this past summer and sometimes I think he is part fish (lol)  He sticks his head under water and picks up sticks that are buried in the sand under water. Our neighbors at the lake just laugh and can't get over the fact that a dog will put his head under water and walk around looking for sticks. Well I'll let you go and good luck with this next litter.

- John Kelly

Jan 2013

Hi Cathy just a quick note to let you know that Riley received his Puppy class diploma tonight. He will be going on to their next class this coming spring. In addition to his Diploma, Riley was in a competition with his classmates and won the "Golden Biscuit Award" for Best Trick. His trick was to go from a Sit to a Down, then Roll Over and back up to a Sit and then give his paw to our hand in a high five . He did this all in one continuous motion. Good Puppy. Di and I are very proud of Riley. We'll keep you informed on Riley's development. Thanks

- John Kelly

June 18, 2014

Hi Cathy

Here are two pictures of Riley one of him cooling off in the pool and one under one of his favorite trees. Riley has become a very loving and caring dog. He enjoys his walks in the evening, snuggles with Di on the couch and loves stealing my slippers to let me know its time to play. His best pastime is going to the cottage and swimming in the lake. It hard to keep him out of the water ( I tried to send a video of him at the lake but it was to large of a file).

Your question “has Riley grown into the dog you hoped he would be?” No, He has grown into a dog much better than we both could have hoped for. He is so loving and caring, my best buddy and so good with the smaller kids and our grandson. Riley is a real treat to have and to be around and we both love him so much.

- John

13 Aug 2015

Hi Cathy

Riley is fine, still our best friend in the world. My son moved back to Michigan from Kansas this past May and he has a black lab (Maggie) Maggie and Riley are the best of buddies. Riley enjoys swimming up at our cottage and going for walks. He is so caring and loves our two year old grandson. He is very watchful around the house and lets us know if anyone is around and must check out anything that come into the house, mail, packages groceries ….

He listens very well, but still loves to steal something (sock, shoe …) now and then and walks around with it to get our attention. The picture of him in the black chair is his chair (in our living room) he is in it at night watching TV or on Di’s lap. He love to have his belly rubbed. Well that’s about it, Riley has become an important part of our family and we all love him. Thanks for picking Riley to be part of our family. later

- Dianna & John


Hi Cathy! Can’t believe our puppies are already 5 years old! Riley is such a great dog! Everyone loves him! The only problem we have, is if he is full of energy (and we haven't had a chance to play outside), he becomes a thief!!! He will steal our shoes, toilet paper, dish towels, or anything he can reach on the counter…lol. So, we try to make sure he gets his exercise every day. He LOVES the water, and playing Frisbee!! Those are his two favorite things in the world!! He is in great health. The pictures we are sending are him in our boat (which we have to keep him on a leash while he’s in it, because we’re afraid he will jump out into the water!). The next one is him with our grandson after they both had been playing super hard! (Love it when the dog and grandson both use up all their energy, haha!) And the last one is him playing with a squirrel. We really enjoy Riley tremendously! He gives kisses (with his nose) and likes to snuggle up next to us on the couch. So thank you for letting us adopt one of Apple’s puppies. We couldn’t have asked for a better dog!


- John & Dianna Kelly