Milestone Welsh Springer Spaniels

Milestone Apple A Day

McIntosh, now Notch

Hips: Mild Unilateral Left
Elbows: Normal
Thyroid: Normal
Eyes: Normal

Born: August 10, 2012
Sire: CH Trystyn's Tazered - Lincoln
Dam: CH Milestone Crimson Beauty - Apple

Notch and his family live in GA. He is good company for Courtney during the day and did excellent in his puppy class and with his trainer. He has been hunting with Judd and Townsend in the Wisconsin woods and is proving to be a success.

An email from the owners of Notch about their first hunting trip:

Oct 15, 2013


We just got back from a great trip to the North woods of Wisconsin. Notch, the whole family and my dad stayed in a cabin on the Turtle-Flambeau Flowage near Mercer, Wisconsin.

We hunted hard for 4 of the days we were there. Notch really learned a great deal and got better every day. I have very good control of Notch in the field and can generally keep him working in range with simple verbal commands. Only once did I have to really use the whistle. To date I have not had to use any sort of electronic collar. He probably flushed ¾ of the birds that we got up. Some of that was due to his covering more territory (not necessarily smelling the bird before putting the bird up), but also was a result of him starting to understand how to quarter in the field and cover ground in front of us. He also helped us find a number of birds we shot in the field.

By the end of the week, I really considered Notch to be working birds for us and understanding what we wanted from him. He also gave me a bit of a sour look when several woodcock got up, but did not present shots. Another great relief is that Notch is not gun shy at all. I had been shooting a 22 pistol around Notch since last hunting season, and he had not shown signs of being gun-shy, but you never know until you are in the field and multiple shotguns are going off.

Of course, he still has a good deal to learn. He doesn’t really run to a downed bird yet and retrieve it for me, but when I head towards a downed bird he often locates the bird before I do. He clearly has a good nose, although he is still learning so much about what different things smell like. We missed our few opportunities on grouse, but killed a number of woodcock over the week. He has been thoroughly introduced to woodcock. While this will likely be his most involved upland hunting trip of the season, I’ll get out with Notch down here [GA] both to chase upland game and do some retrieving in the water. He could use some more retrieving work in the water which I plan to work on. We have been working on his retrieving at home and he does a good job with that as well, but he has not really been tested on live birds over water. Getting him to retrieve ducks or other birds in water is his next lesson.

All in all I couldn’t be more pleased. I think Notch would tell you the same.

Oh, we did run into one couple hunting grouse near where we were hunting one afternoon. They were hunting a Welshie and an English Springer. This was their second Welshie, and they were literally thrilled to run into me in the field with Notch. They wanted to know all about how he hunted and shared with me stories about their Welshie that was 8 years old, but very slow to mature into a hunting dog (took 3 years for that dog to care anything about hunting). Clearly, we are way ahead of schedule with Notch. This couple of was from Minneapolis, MN and really commented on how handsome Notch is. I gave them your name and told them to check on you if they are ever in the market for another Welsh Springer.

The last thing I would mention is that Notch does what is characteristic in the literature about Welsh Springers regarding their ability to hunt all day. Notch and characteristic Welsh Springers will pace themselves so they can hunt all day. Many breeds go all out and soon are worn out following behind you. Notch would work aggressively for awhile and then work less aggressively. Just when you thought he was tired and about to be of little worth the rest of the day, he would get back at it again. We hunted all sorts of thickets and covers. All in all Notch did a great job and really seemed to enjoy himself in the field.

- Jud



Notch is great! We had puppy class again tonight and the trainer is in love with Notch and in love with you! She says your great breeding has done all her work for her. He is doing well, learning what he can and can't do and the kids say he is the best dog they could ever dream of having. He chills out and hangs with us (a lot with me during the day) but is also FULL ON with energy too. He discovered squirrels in our backyard today and is trying his best to chase those.

The Judge if I remember correctly was Frank? Nice man, and he said Notch did great with the quail. He only did it for a few minutes tho b/c he didn't want to frustrate Notch - it had been a long day for him and he was tired. He did fantastic with the guns from my perspective… he noticed when they went off, looked up but then kept doing whatever it was he had been doing before it went off. Just a great day!

More photos to come this weekend. I have some on my phone, but about to get little Notch and pack us away to bed. He is curled up in the den so his clock has chimed bedsville. He hung with my bible study girls and me tonight, and is now beat! There are some cute photos with him in baskets. He likes to crawl in them and either chew his toys or go to sleep. A few more weeks and he won't fit, but for now it is too cute. Our neighbor next door has an 11 year old English Springer and we go over and play with her. She and Notch run and run and she is showing him who is boss. She is worn out by the time we leave, but they have a ball while playing. He is socializing well with other dogs and people. Trainer is bringing her older dog over Tues for our lesson for more socializing.

So all in all - he is a jewel, we are all in love and having a ball.

Thanks for asking and will send pics off my phone this weekend I hope!



PS… the hats came and they are way cool. Love the pheasant!


- Courtney

25 Aug 2015

Cathy - I am so sorry it has taken me this long to email back.  He is a clever little boy and as you can see by the pics is very well loved! We could not have imagined we would wind up with such a special pup! What a blessing (and joker!) he is in our family. Enjoy the pics!

- Courtney Turner

Oct 18, 2018


It was our best year yet with Notch hunting in Northern Wisconsin. This year Townsend bagged his first grouse and first woodcock. Notch is really getting the hang of it. As always the groomer is going to have some work to do next week, but Notch couldn’t be happier.

- Jud