Milestone Welsh Springer Spaniels

Milestone Welsh To The Apple Core

Red Delicious, now Oliver

Hips: Good
Elbows: Normal
Thyroid: Normal
Eyes: Normal

August 10, 2012 - June 22, 2018
Sire: CH Trystyn's Tazered - Lincoln
Dam: CH Milestone Crimson Beauty - Apple

Oliver lives outside Chicago with Deb, Owen, & Mason. He is their first dog.  He came to visit us for a week in the summer of 2013 while his family vacationed. We loved having him back in our home.  He is a fun, happy dog.

Deb and her family had to say a very sad goodbye to Ollie, who had complications from lung cancer.  We are heartsick for them and so sad to have lost a member of our Milestone family.

Nov 7, 2012

Ollie does really well on walks. We live in a subdivision with 2 public golf courses and several walking paths here and nearby. Now that the golf season is winding down, we can walk on the course paths from our house.

I also have a stake and long leash set up in the backyard so he can run freely. But we never leave him outside alone. There are coyotes in the area, each year a few dogs are attacked. Just read in the paper this morning that an 11lb 5 yr old terrier was taken from it's yard in the middle of the night while the owner was watching him from the window about 10 miles from here, it can happen so quickly. Once he grows bigger won't be as much a target for them. We have a big dog in the yard behind us and the yard next to us so they might scare them off a bit!

By the way, everyone who sees Oliver just thinks he is so beautiful. He really catches people's eye. Owen is not into girls yet but has said that Oliver will be his girl bait when he does want to catch the girls attention !

Mason also really loves Oliver, he said the other day that Oliver completes our family, that he is a perfect fit.

I keep telling them that Oliver is now their brother by a different mother. Haha

- Deb


Here's a pic of one of your birthday pups this morning ! We just love him so much, the boys and I could not imagine what life would be like without Oliver, he brings so much joy to our lives!

- Deb