Milestone Welsh Springer Spaniels

Milestone Nellie Queen Of Scotch

Fiona, now Nellie

Hips: Good
Elbows: Normal
Thyroid: Normal
Eyes: Normal

Born: October 05, 2013
Sire: CH Ky-Bryn's Let Me Entyce You
Dam: CH Milestone Crimson Beauty

Jan 21, 2014


Nellie is doing pretty well with the coming to her name--with me. With Brian, she's like WHATEVER. He and I talked about it and we know we have to hit that hard. He was talking to her and he's like, "Nellie, you have to listen to me or you can't come in the woods with me!!" So we're really motivated. We covered it at class this week too, and she did awesome in the store. The instructor practiced with all of us 3 times, where she had ahold of the dog. Once the dog could see us, and then the other two times she had us go to the other end of the store and call them. She did outstanding with that, it was great.

Other commands are coming as well. Sit and lay down are pretty good! Leave it and drop it are coming. Leash walking is still challenging. When we are outside, she just wants to GO and SNIFF and doesn't really care. Have you seen the Pixar movie Up? There's a dog in that called Doug and he wears a collar that lets him speak and understand English. Well, frequently, he'll be in the middle of a sentence and just get distracted and shout SQUIRREL! and be off. That is totally Nellie. So with the leash, I think I'm going to try a gentle leader. Our teacher let me and another couple try it in class and it seemed to be working. It's funny, the other dog that needs it is a German shorthaired pointer, so another hunting dog, and she's like Nellie, with the nose that just wants to go. We theorized its the hunter in them. :)

Crate training is really good, she stays in there during the day when I need her to with no issues. Night time, she'll want to get out halfway through. She doesn't need to pee, but just wants us. We're dealing with it. :) She just loves being with us. Potty training is going as expected--good days outweigh bad ones. Such is life.
Overall, things are good here. Her next appointment is Jan 30, so I'll let you know after that how much she weighs! I think a good 20lbs at this point.


- Heather