Milestone Welsh Springer Spaniels

CH Milestone Scotch On The Rocks

Kirk, now Brodie

Hips: Good
Elbows: Normal
Thyroid: Normal
Eyes: Normal

Born: October 05, 2013
Sire: CH Ky-Bryn's Let Me Entyce You
Dam: CH Milestone Crimson Beauty

Brodie is one of the reasons we bred this litter.  His owners had Scotch from the Michigan Apples litter, and they also own Duncan, a Welshie who was born in 2004.  Both Duncan and Brodie will be shown and we hope for big things from this little puppy.

Update 03 Nov 2015:  Brodie finished his AKC Championship undefeated in 5 shows with 3 point majors each time. 

Brodie & Duncan, March 2014

Brodie Feb 19, 2014

Duncan is being very patient with Brodie.

Jan 28, 2014

Hi Cathy,

Brodie has settled into quite a nice routine. He is certainly full of energy. He has been on the Invisible Fence for a long time now, although with me keeping a close eye. He seems much happier to have a larger space to play, and Duncan and Brodie never seem to stop (until they just drop!). He is learning some good commands like off, sit, stay, down, etc., and once he gets his shot next week, he will get off our property much more.

My girls have a lot of friends over, so he has had lots of people socialization, and he loves everyone, old and young, that he meets.

He is mostly potty trained, although he still pees in the house once in a while. He has never gone poop in the house, so not sure what that is all about. Getting better every day. He is sleeping up to (but not always) 8 hours at night. He walks back to the bedroom and usually just walks into his crate and collapses.

He does have a bit of a pompom on the top of his head. Kind of cute, but no clue how I will trim it for show. He lets me dremel his nails, clip the fur on his toes, and use clippers on the inside of his ears. I desperately need some new thinning shears, as mine won't cut his fine puppy hair. Any suggestions?

He's had a few baths and hates the sink, but likes the shower. He's a really good puppy, full of love, and merry as can be. His tail never stops wagging.

I will work on some pictures...

Wish we had some of your weather, as we have not had rain since October. We are in deep trouble with water out here.

All for now!

- John

Feb 19, 2014

HI Cathy,

Brodie is living with our trainer for the week, while we are skiing. He has his own dog, plus a labradoodle puppy that he is working with, so Brodie has some new friends. I will forward a video of them. This will help me reinforce all the training and commands without spending days and days doing training. A bit expensive but we had to board him anyway, so it works out well.

He rarely pees in the house, but still once in a while. He and Duncan remain fast friends, and I am sure Duncan misses Brodie right now, but Brodie is having the time of his life. He needs to get his Rabies vaccine when I get home. We plan to start taking him to Stanford Mall, which is an outdoor shopping center that is very dog friendly. He will meet lots of people, and other dogs as well. I need to start doing more grooming, as his fur is growing like mad.

Brodie loves every single person he meets. His tail wags so hard, his rear end slides back and forth on the floor. He loves baths (go figure) although I usually just take him in the shower with me and get it done quickly. He's not sure about the dryer, but he will get used to it over time. No issue dremmeling his nails, and when I took Duncan to the groomer last Friday, I took Brodie in and had her trim out between his toes with electric trimmers. I've trimmed the inside of his ears with trimmers without any trouble, but I haven't attacked the outside of the ears. It will look choppy the first couple of times, so I need to get on that as well.

You've had quite the winter there. Hope it lets up one day soon so you can enjoy!

- John