Milestone Welsh Springer Spaniels

Milestone Scotch Pine

Tavish, now Wallace

Hips: Excellent
Elbows: Normal
Thyroid: Normal
Eyes: Normal

Born: October 05, 2013

Wallace lives with Jennifer and Dick in Richmond, VA, which turns out to be a wonderful dog town.  The area has many exceptional places to go for classes, and even has an indoor dog pool.  The many winter storms did cause cancellations of several classes, but they did well despite the obstacles.  The timing of the S.T.A.R. puppy class didn't gel with the date they were bringing Wallace home, so Jennifer attended the first several classes without a puppy, and he was able to pass the class and get his STAR Puppy Certificate by only attending the last 3 classes!  (Joy, from the Michigan Apples litter also passed her STAR puppy test with only 3 classes.  These Milestone dogs are smart, biddable puppies!)  

Jennifer and Wallace came to the Maryland Sporting Dog Assoc shows in March 2014 to spend a few hours with me while I was there.  Wallace did marvelously well with all the dogs, people, noise, and congested area.  Jennifer arrived well equipped to keep his attention and they worked on Focus and Settle at ringside with all the show dogs running past him on the other side of the ring gates.  He got to play with 2 other Welshie puppies who were about his age, and was greeted by lots of folks who can't resist sweet talking a darling puppy.  It was wonderful to see them and I am so grateful that Jennifer took the time and planning to bring Wallace to see me.  It was a fun day.

June 2018 text from Jennifer-  Fun fact about Wallace:  He is the ONLY dog his day care has ever allowed to pick between spending time in the big dog room or the small dog room.  He gets along so well with all sizes that they let him check out each room before making his own choice!  Thought you would get a kick out of that!

Here is Wallace at the local salt water dog pool playing with his favorite ball. He has learned to wait for it to come up close enough for him to put his head under water and pick it up. He's such a lucky dog to have owners who regularly take him here and extra lucky that they live near such a great place for dogs.

Hi Cathy,

Wallace was wound up to find 10 new puppy pals in class when he only expected to see his usual three friends! Best I can recall, there are 2 German Shepherds, a Basset Hound, a Yorkie, a Miniature Pinscher (that can’t weigh more than a few ounces!), a Blue Heeler/Jack Russell rescue, a fluffy black rescue, one I seem to have forgotten, plus a Golden and an Old English Sheepdog who won’t arrived at their forever homes until this week.

On-leash puppy socialization doesn’t start until the second class, but Wallace was Mr. Sociable with the nearby puppies.He particularly liked the shy Blue Heeler/Jack Russell rescue named Luke.They got along quite well.He seemed to bring Luke out of his shell a bit.He also met one of the German Shepherds, the Yorkie, and the Min Pin.He was curious about the Basset, but was just a bit too far away to extend the paw of friendship. The meet & greet at our next class ought to be fun!

Our instructor singled Wallace out to demonstrate how to teach sit (in front and on both sides) and down from a stand. When he got off to a rocky start with sit, the other instructor told the class that he had passed his test last week at only 13 weeks old. I’m not sure anyone believed her! Then he settled down and did everything he was asked to do. When she got to down from a stand, she told the class that it took us two classes and three different teaching methods before he “got” it. I hope that helps the others in their more trying moments! :)

We had a unique socialization outing last week that I'll have to tell you about in another email...

- Jennifer

Dec 14, 2013

Hi Cathy,

Only one other pup showed up for class last night. A consequence of scheduling a class at this time of year. Wallace had a lot of fun with Isis, the 4 month old pit bull. She has a Chihuahua friend next door, so she's very good about being gentle with a smaller playmate. Wallace seemed undaunted by her size! They had supervised play before class started, then they walked around a wheelchair, bicycle, orange traffic cone, low agility jump, and a short tunnel. Isis didn't want to go through the tunnel, but Wallace went through twice when I called his name and showed him a treat! Bet it was because you had already introduced them to a bigger, softer tunnel! He also was okay with the wheelchair, having met a friendly vet in a wheelchair at the airport. Later, he did well with sit, and made a good start with down from a stand, but didn't seem inclined to stand from a sit. He wanted to spring instead! His shining moment was two perfect and enthusiastic recalls! You would have been so proud!

Wallace also had two separate visitors yesterday afternoon. One was the guy I had scheduled to take measurements for a solar shade in the back room to cut down on the incredible glare and heat that's making that room uncomfortable and throwing off the thermostat. He was a dog guy who couldn't get over how cute Wallace is! Wallace liked meeting him, and seemed intrigued by the very noisy tape measure. His second visitor was our neighbor, Joe, who is impressed with his markings and demeanor!  A package of puppy presents from my brother and mother was waiting on the front porch when we arrived home with Wallace Tuesday night!

We're going to run a couple errands with Wallace before the Army-Navy game starts this afternoon. Wallace's first football game...

Sloppy kisses from Wallace!

- Jennifer

Jan 3, 2014

Hi Cathy,

Wallace's vet thinks he is incredibly handsome and is pleased with his progress. His coat is so healthy and shiny! He has no stool issues and weighed 15 pounds, 12.5 ounces at our appointment yesterday. That's up from 11 pounds, 12 ounces on December 12th. And he sat for her on (her) command! She said responding to a command from someone else and doing so on a slippery metal exam table at his age is quite impressive!

My niece has been a big help with Wallace during her visit this week. We've been working hard preparing for our STAR Puppy test next Friday. Because I attended the entire course and completed all the homework assignments, Wallace is allowed to take the test, even though he's attended only 3 classes. Our lead instructor thinks we have a good chance of passing! We missed "down from a stand" and "down-stay" during the practice test, but we have a week to work on that. Even though it is not required for this test, I would like to get his "sit" over to my side by next week as well. He sits to my left, but his entire body is facing me. It's actually pretty cute. Our instructors think he's resisting sitting at my side with his body facing forward because he's doing such a great job focusing on me. He focuses SO WELL. He's especially "on" when we're in class, and even watches intently when the instructors are working with another puppy! Dick thinks he's pretty smart! :)

I'll send you some cute pictures and more of an update once things slow down here on Sunday. He sure is a funny, inquisitive guy!

Give Jack our best and Apple a big hug.

- Jennifer & Dick

February 2014

Cathy, February was an exciting month for young Wallace. The snow and ice that canceled week after week of puppy classes didn't shut down the local heated dog pool, so 19 week old Wallace burned off all his excess puppy energy learning to swim and making new friends! Spencer and Christina were his two legged swim instructors; Logan was his four legged instructor. It was immediately apparent that Wallace thought Logan was the coolest kid at swim school. He followed Logan throughout the pool, using both ramps and the entire pool, not just the teaching end. We called him Logan's little sidekick! Shadowing Logan really helped build his swim skills, strength, and pool etiquette. By the end of February he was ready to start swimming with the big kids at weekly group swims called Pool Buddies. Group swims often include a few Goldens and Labs, a standard poodle, a German Shepherd, and a Black & Tan Coonhound. They're all so much bigger than Wallace - we'll be keeping him in the "float coat" for quite some time!

- Jennifer & Dick

July 2, 2014

Hi Cathy,

Somehow I missed this email from you! I happened to be searching for an email from a handyman with a phone number when I spotted this email from you. Ooops! He's a long overdue field update:

April 5, 2014: Dick and I took Wallace an hour away for a meet & greet with his bird dog trainer. He lives and trains beside an hundred acre lake near the Chesapeake Bay. He had us walk Wallace a good distance away while he planted a live bobwhite and two clumps of feathers. On his cue, we all walked back in the direction of the bird, letting Wallace explore at his own pace. He found the feathers with ease before following his nose straight to the bird. He must have thought the bobwhite was just another clump of feathers until it moved its head as his nose drew near... then he leaned back, paused, and "sprung" forward, flushing the bird! We all agreed that he seemed quite happy and proud of himself!

After that we drove another twenty minutes to the coast for dinner at a little place on the bay. The week before, we had eaten at three different restaurants with dog friendly patios during my niece's Spring Break visit. All that "patio training" paid off. Wallace was such a well behaved guy! We put his fleece blanket from the car kennel down to give him some padding on the crushed oyster shell patio as well as a little warmth in the chilly evening wind coming off the Chesapeake Bay. Despite all the distractions, he settled right down, didn't pester our server (who thought he was adorable!), and dozed off while we ate local fresh roasted oysters and a delicious, light lamb & clam stew. We're pretty certain he was dreaming of bobwhites!

- Jennifer

July 15

Hi Cathy,

Just wanted to pass along a few new things about Wallace:

1. His favorite summer snacks are frozen applesauce and plain air-popped popcorn - not together, of course! He comes running for his applesauce as soon as he hears the freezer drawer opening and waits alertly by the counter when the noisy air-popper is plugged in. He's very good at catching pieces of popcorn in mid-air.

2. We haven't stopped our socialization outings - Saturday morning Dick and I took Wallace to the Farmers Market. He seemed unfazed by the noise and commotion, and behaved well around the distraction of kids, dogs, yummy smells, and the bags of goodies people were dangling right at his level. Can't tell you how many people stopped to ooh & aah over him.

3. We attended a Fourth of July cookout two doors down from our house. Wallace made us proud with the way he behaved around the little kids and the other dogs as well as the way he handled the city fireworks we could see and hear from the back yard.

4. People stop us on our walks and outings to say they've never seen such a cute face and shiny coat.

5. Wallace wags his tail when he dreams!

6. Don't know if it's due to our "Segway socialization outing" at 14 weeks old or simply Wallace's natural confidence, but long lines of tourists on Segways regularly pass us on the sidewalk and Wallace just keeps on walking...!

You gave us such a good puppy!

- Jennifer & Dick

August 21, 2014


It's been a year since Dick and I moved to Richmond, and we continue to be impressed with what a dog-friendly town this is. Turns out the doggie daycare 10 blocks away from us not only offers full and half-day visits but also very affordable two hour options they call "workouts." The nicest part: No need to schedule ahead or arrive at a specific time; just drop-in if your pup needs to burn off a bit of excess energy!

Yesterday, Wallace went for an evaluation and his first two-hour "workout" from 9:30-11:30 AM. After the owner met Wallace and got to know a little about him, she took him back to meet the other dogs and told the guy supervising the play room that she had "another good one" for him. Turns out the room supervisor was the guy who taught Wallace how to swim! (He works there on the days the dog pool is closed.) He said Wallace acclimated quickly to the new environment and played well with everyone. He continues to think Wallace is one of the easiest going dogs he's ever met.

The owner emailed us seven or eight photos yesterday afternoon. Here are two cute individual shots of a very happy Wallace! We're looking forward to adding a "workout" or two to Wallace's weekly activities in the future, especially since it's within easy walking distance!

- Jennifer & Dick



Soggy Doggy Day was a huge hit with Wallace! He immediately loved the artificial beach. He ran in and out of the shallow slope during the first half hour when he was busy smelling everyone and everything. Then he moved to the middle of the pool to leap, swim, fetch and retrieve his orange ball with glee. But when the lifeguard opened the gate at the bottom of the steps to the slide, Wallace was the first to race over and run up! He must have enjoyed it, because he ran over to do it again once he was out of the deep water! He tried to do it a third time, but the stairs had become so crowded with bigger dogs that he turned back down when he couldn't get past the landing. He went back to swimming with his orange ball, and continued to do so until his eyes began to glaze over. Even then, his tail never stopped wagging and his leaps never let up! We had a great time. After Wallace and his buddy Dozer swam for two straight hours, they napped by the table while the parents ate dinner on an outdoor patio at a local restaurant. Pups and parents had so much fun that we're all ready to sign up for Soggy Doggy 2016!

Dozer's dad has a very nice camera that takes 10 shots per second. He took some great pictures. I'm sending a few to give you and Jack and chuckle!

Hug and a pat to Apple,

- Jen & Dick & a still very tired Wallace